The following 行为守则 was last updated by NASFAA’s 董事会 in March 2014. Subject to enforcement procedures that go into effect July 1, 2015, NASFAA institutional members of NASFAA will ensure that:


1. No action will be taken by financial aid staff that is for their personal benefit or could be perceived to be a conflict of interest.

  • A. Employees within the financial aid office will not award aid to themselves or their immediate family members. Staff will reserve this task to an institutionally designated person, to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest.
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  • C. A borrower’s choice of a lender will not be denied, impeded, or unnecessarily delayed by the institution, even if that lender is not included on the institution’s preferred lender list.

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2. Information provided by the financial aid office is accurate, unbiased, and does not reflect preference arising from actual or potential personal gain.


  • A. A breakdown of individual components of the institution’s Cost of Attendance, designating all potential billable charges.
  • 湾清楚识别各奖的,指示类型的援助,即礼品助剂(批,学术),工作,或贷款。
  • C。标准术语和定义,使用奖励信方面的nasfaa的词汇。
  • d。每个奖项的更新要求。

4. All required consumer information is displayed in a prominent location on the institutional web site(s) and in any printed materials, easily identified and found, and labeled as “Consumer Information.”

5. Financial aid professionals will disclose to their institution any involvement, interest in, or potential conflict of interest with any entity with which the institution has a business relationship.

Refer to NASFAA’s Statement of Ethical Principles, Enforcement Procedures, as well as the Ethical Principles, Code of Conduct and Enforcement Procedures Q&A for more information about NASFAA’s ethical guidelines and how they are enforced. To report a potential violation of NASFAA’s 行为守则, refer to the Ethics Complaint Submission Form.